A mammogram is referred to as the procedure of x-ray of the breast. This is mainly done to ensure the risks of breast cancer or any signs of it. Often people undergo this test to find out the stages of breast cancer. It is essential to take precautions and medications from an early stage. Visit mammogram near me in Paterson, NJ now!

Procedure of mammogram

A mammogram is done in a special x-ray machine where new level technologies are used. Breasts are placed on a plastic plate with another plate from the top. This process will make the breasts flat by exerting pressure. All the steps are repeated to get a view from all angles. The other breast is tested in the same manner. The lab technician gives you the report with pictures. They ensure that the test is done correctly. Patients need to undergo several tests if it is not done correctly. The mammogram depends upon each woman because of the size of the breasts.

How do patients go through the process of a mammogram?

As you have read the procedure, it feels uncomfortable for most women. The process is painful because the x-ray machine exerts pressure on the breasts while testing. Women have shown discomfort for those few minutes. The main procedure depends on the lab technician, size of breasts, and pressure of the machine. Some people have sensitive breasts when menstrual cycles go on. Radiologists are there in mammograms near me in Paterson, NJ, now who examine the reports of mammograms and suggest proper treatments. All the problems can be identified from the process given.

Several tips for the mammogram process

  • Make sure to inform the doctor about vaccination before undergoing a mammogram. There can be side effects from it.
  • Please do not take the test during periods or before it. It makes the breasts sensitive that creates discomfort and pain.
  • Do not apply any perfume or scent before the tests. They appear as spots in the x-ray machine, which can be misleading.
  • Patients should wear something comfortable that is easy to undress from the waist up, like skirts, dresses, or tops.
  • Make sure not to be nervous during the test.
  • Compare the result of several tests and decide that.
  • Contact the provider if results are not received within a month.