Office cleaning is one of the most fundamental features that a workspace must have so that it is pleasant and fully functional. There is no doubt that the image that a company gives, regardless of the sector in which it operates, is decisive to achieve success.

This is why it is vital to give care and maintenance to each area of ​​the company! For this, it is essential to take into account the main aspects before hiring an office cleaning company:

  1. Hire your cleaning services with a company: service quality guaranteed

Cleaning is similar to cooking. We have all cooked at some point, but to cook for 50 people and design a restaurant menu, we all hire a chef. If you are looking for professional commercial janitorial services in Orlando, FL cleaning, do not hesitate to hire a company, since cleaning companies have their internal quality system designed to achieve and guarantee their clients a  full, serious and efficient service of trust. So the quality and the expected result will be guaranteed.

commercial janitorial services in Orlando, FL

  1. Issuance of Legal Invoice for Services

The invoice is a commercial document that records the information of a sale or service provision and constitutes a physical proof that indicates transparency, in addition to being an indicator that an operation is valid and that the corresponding taxes have been paid.

The invoice acts as a security guarantee from the perspective of the employer for civil liability insurance if any incident occurs in the performance of the activity. In addition, as every entrepreneur or self-employed person knows, an expense that is not credited on any invoice is not an expense for tax purposes. And to that, we must add that it cannot be included in the company’s accounting.

  1. Civil liability insurance to cover possible accidents

We all know the risks that exist in some office cleaning jobs, premises under construction, etc.  Also comply with safety regulations, especially when cleaning high-rise windows in office buildings.  We must be informed and confirm that the chosen company ensures the safety of its workers and that if they have civil liability insurance that is responsible for their job security.