Diversity equals growth. You can’t grow unless you’re being inclusive; being inclusive shows leadership wholesale jerseys and having diverse leaders in management will show growth to your bottom line.”According to Project Include, a non profit organization that seeks to accelerate diversity and inclusion in the workforce, inclusion is the mechanism that activates the benefits of a diverse staff: “Employees who are included in every aspect of the company culture can contribute more, be more productive, and drive better decisions and results.””Inclusion means involving all employees in all opportunities and activities, so everyone gets a fair chance to succeed while diversity means bringing all types of people to all parts of your company.”Make A Choice:”The most important first step sounds obvious: It has to be an intentional decision by the person at the top,” says Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology, a talent technology company. Step two is taking inventory of what Robinson calls the dealership’s”employment brand” and making sure it sends a message of inclusion.

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