After being denied an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Rev. King, David Oyelowo took home the Image award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture. Accepting the award Oyelowo said, “I want to take this opportunity to say I thank the Lord I was able to play one of the most transcendent human beings who ever walked the planet.”.

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All along, you are asked to maintain an objective arm’s length from the emotional pain and suffering of those around you. Do your best work, we are told, but don’t get too close. The problem is that I often dive in headfirst, and not only do I get close, I embrace and hold tight.

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Quarantine literature also warns about disproportionate mental health experiences among young people and people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and the continuation of mental health consequences beyond the end of enforced isolation. [5] Already, there are concerns that lockdowns during covid 19 will have lasting psychological effects on individuals. [1] Expedition literature similarly highlights specific challenges already being noted during covid 19, such as increased interpersonal conflict and irritability, which mirrors reports of relationship strain being experienced in many households.

You only need to look at the job market to understand why so many people aren’t paying their mortgages these days. And the unemployment rate soared to its highest level since the Great Depression as many businesses nationwide shuttered. The impact has been swift and severe: An additional 2.4 million Americans filed jobless claims last week, the Labor Department announced, pushing the nation’s nine week total past 38 million..

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