The Raiders need to give themselves a chance by starting fast.The first 15 20 plays in their west coast offence will be scripted, and those will be what they consider their best plays and best match ups.They need to back up the Chicago defence with some vertical shots down the field, and scare them into backing off slightly.Derek Carr has not been great throwing the ball down the field so far, but that’s not all on him and they need things to come together.Packers and Cowboys look to emerge as NFC contenders The Green Bay Packers vs the Dallas Cowboys is a huge match up for a couple of reasons.The big thing is, we still don’t know who the teams to beat at in the NFC. Both these teams are 3 1 and have a chance to become that team.A win here catapults them into the conversation for being one of the best teams in the NFC.Aaron Rodgers is going back to where he won his Super Bowl, so he has good memories of being in Dallas.Chicago Bears tipped to be Super Bowl contenders ahead of London showdownThis Cowboys defence is phenomenal, especially if they’re not on the field a lot. They wholesale jerseys just need their offence to have nice drives, control the ball with their run game and keep them off the field.The Packers’ biggest issue is that Devante Adams is hurt.

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