With the setting properly established in Mad Max 2, the third part of the series improves on the post apocalyptic scene. While not being completely realistic, the world it plays in is believable as much as it has to be. Again Mel Gibson takes on the role of Mad Max, while all other characters are new.

The game is played with winds measured between 20 and 40 miles per hour with light rain in the second half. Titans score 21 points in the first half on three touchdown passes by Matt Hasselbeck, including an 80 yarder to Jared Cook. Jordan Babineaux scores on a 97 yard interception return.

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“I reject the word,” the future Republican House Speaker John Boehner told CBS’ 60 Minutes after the 2010 election. His party had just ridden a Tea Party wave to power, a wave that was fueled by an unyielding core that wasn’t interested in compromise. He actively worked against its candidates in the last several elections, because he thought they couldn’t win and that they cost him seats..

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