Members of the police units were on a 30 minute recall alert early Saturday, meaning they would have to return to their bases inside that time limit in preparation for deployment to Minneapolis inside of four hours. Units at Fort Drum are set to head to Minneapolis first, according to the three people, including two Defense Department officials. Soldiers would deploy to the city if called..

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Both are relatively low COL cities for their sizes. For overall culture, that will be subjective. Atlanta is Southern with tons of transplants from all over whereas Philly lacks that dynamic and has a much more pronounced local culture.. Next, let me apologize to the Bucs’ defense as a whole, who I cursed out on many occasions for their inability to collectively, as an 11 man unit, stop one mere mortal who was carving through them like a Thanksgiving turkey. Oh, here I go again. I didn’t mean it Tampa, the stress isn’t an excuse, and neither was your terrible play.

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And if you criticize her, she takes it in stride and works to get better. Versatility is also a factor in her playing time. She averages 30.7 minutes per game, second on the team. COMEBACK DOLPHINS: Tannehill found Kenny Stills for a 24 yard touchdown in the third quarter and connected with Jordan Cameron for a 12 yard score in the fourth. Kenyan Drake also had a 7 yard touchdown run as Miami closed the gap. Tannehill completed 20 of his first 21 passes to begin the second half..

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