“On the weekends, I love to make pancakes with my kiddos and family. Pancakes pretty much rule. For dinner, we’ve been getting into ramen and rice bowls. Mango was the tiny piglet that fell off a truck, on his way to a what called a feed farm, where they up piglets before then sending them to slaughter. He captured national attention and was nursed back to health thanks, in large part, to online fundraising. Mango is now almost 200 pounds at six months of age and lives at Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary east of Ottawa..

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You can tell. You know your pets. Follow your instincts and always check with the vet. I agree with you that we need to take our own action if we want to have a sense of security in life, be it in the form of relationships, emotional or financial aspects. However for me I find it hard ‘not taking on other people’s problems as my own’ when the other people are my family members. It’s so difficult saying no when clearly they need help even if I can’t assist due to my own situation.

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