So many of Chicago’s great athletes, celebrities and musicians have come together with the business community to recognize our local heroes and help our fellow Chicagoans in need. This weekend’s broadcasts will further Cheap Jerseys from china our aim to promote awareness and raise additional funds,” Koudounis said. Mike Ditka and the Chicago “Superfans,” Joe Mantegna, George Wendt and Robert Smigel, perform a “corona” version of their routine first made famous on Saturday Night Live.

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Cheap Jerseys china Saturday, May 23We at HUMP! were crushed to cancel our originally planned Spring re screening, with the coronavirus crisis forcing us all inside. But after receiving enthusiastic support and permission from the filmmakers to show their films online, we knew that the show must go on! Even if we can’t watch together in movie theaters, we can still watch the 16 all new, sexy short films, curated by Dan Savage, in the privacy and safety of our homes. Dan will introduce the show, and then take you straight to the great dirty movies that showcase an amazing range of shapes, colors, sexualities, kinks and fetishes!Filmed in Seattle, Lynn Shelton’s (Now streaming, multiple platforms, $2.99 to rent, $9.99 to buy) follows a pair of thirtysomething, straight male friends who reunite after years of careening down opposite life trajectories (one is stuck in his party days, one is married and trying to have a baby). Cheap Jerseys china

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