The Medscape UK Ethics Report 2020: COVID 19, Life, Death and Pain, features responses from 1,355 UK based doctors on ethical issues faced in daily medical practice, conducted between 3 December and 23 February; 340 doctors responded to additional questions posed in mid April when the pandemic was at its peak.Doctors on the front lines reported being faced with ethical and moral issues including when and whether to intubate patients, the inability to properly examine patients, decisions on how to best care for patients with non COVID wholesale jerseys from china but serious conditions, and how to deflect “government mismanagement” and “bullying” in the NHS. Almost one in three (31%) said they had been in contact with COVID 19 positive patients without adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). These factors may be among the reasons why there was a doubling in the number of doctors reporting high levels of burnout during the pandemic as compared to before the pandemic (8% v 16%) in a separate Medscape/WebMD online reader poll involving 110 UK doctors in April.In addition, the report also found that:More than half (54%) of doctors believe vaccines and treatments for COVID 19 should be fast tracked; 28% were unsure.

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