The Dons are off to a 1 3 start, but the three losses have come against teams that had a combined record of 11 2 at the time, with two of them being undefeated, coach Andrew Butcher reported. Lost to each of those by two points, so we playing, I think, at a pretty high level. Brought seniors Maya Banks, Mireya Gil and Athena Saragoza..

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Opening and closing take around 17 seconds. The soft top is deposited above the automatically extending luggage compartment partition. This avoids the need for any additional closures on the soft top compartment lid, in keeping with the high design quality embodied by the S 65 Cabriolet..

BRYANT: Exactly. And we’ll start the year with the utterly amazing Williams sisters. If you go back a year or two, the Australian Open and you have a final between Venus and Serena, something that nobody thought any that we’d ever see again, considering that they’re both now on the other side of 35 years old and which is a lifetime in tennis.

If we need your help with appraising a manuscript we will email you and ask you to accept or decline the invitation through our submission site. CONSORT for clinical trials) and ethical. All research in BMJ Open is published under an open access licence.

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