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Cheap Jerseys from china The proposed legislation, Senate Bill 139, is the latest twist in a saga that started last year when the definition of patient was changed partly by removing an in state residency requirement under a bill that Lujan Grisham signed into lawAfter the bill took effect, three out of state residents applied for medical marijuana cards but were deniedThey then filed a court challenge, leading to a state judge ruling that New Mexico Department of Health must allow participation by nonresidents who have qualifying medical conditionsIn just a few months, a total of 421 out of state residents, most of them from Texas, had enrolled in the program, according to the most recent DOH figuresBut state attorneys have argued the law change was not aimed at allowing out of state residents to participate in New Mexico medical marijuana program, describing that part of the bill as a drafting errorThey also argued the judge ruling could eventually cause enrollment in the program to doublewhole intent from Day One was not to throw it open, said Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino, D Albuquerque, the bill sponsorLujan Grisham spokesman Tripp Stelnicki said that if the bill wins approval, out of state individuals who enrolled after the judge ruling will get to keep accessing medical marijuana in New Mexico but only until their current, one year ID cards expireHe also said the situation is different from a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana for adult use, which the Lujan Grisham administration is also supportingAllowing out of state residents to enroll in New Mexico medical cannabis program makes it difficult to gauge how much marijuana providers and participants should be allowed to cultivate, Stelnicki saidcan calculate the need of the entire Northern Hemisphere or the globe, he told the JournalHowever, Duke Rodriguez, president and CEO of Ultra Health LLC, a prominent licensed medical cannabis producer, said the Lujan Grisham administration stance on the issue makes no senseHe pointed out many of the out of state residents who have enrolled in New Mexico medical pot program either work or live part time in the state and spend tax dollars heremakes no logical sense why they should be punished, Rodriguez said in a Wednesday interviewIn addition, Rodriguez pointed out that the proposal to legalize cannabis would not limit use to New Mexicans, but would allow anyone ages 21 or older to purchase marijuana from licensed dispensariescontinue to be totally confused about justifying the logic for protecting the medical program while the state is also pushing for legalizing recreational marijuana, said Rodriguez, an Arizona resident who was one of the three plaintiffs in last year lawsuitMeanwhile, the Roundhouse debate on the proposed legislation will play out as the state is still appealing last year ruling by District Judge Bryan BiedscheidThe Court of Appeals has not indicated when it might take up the state appealOverall enrollment in New Mexico medical cannabis program has skyrocketed in recent years as additional dispensaries have been opened around the state and more qualifying conditions have been added. Last year bill also allowed for reciprocity between New Mexico and other states with similar programs, and that would not be affected by this year proposalThere were 80,257 patients enrolled in New Mexico program as of last month, according to DOH statistics Cheap Jerseys from china.