The government of Sindh had on April 30 approved further enhancement of the passive immunisation treatment for the novel coronavirus, adding that two more hospitals apart from the NIBD including Dr Ruth K. M. Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi and Liaquat University of Medical Health Sciences (LUMHS) Hospital in Hyderabad would work on it..

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As for whether this will have any other impact on long term console development, that hard to say but the idea of Microsoft and Sony working together on dedicated semiconductor, AI, and gaming research is an interesting one. We wouldn necessarily mind a future in which there was a degree of compatibility between certain peripherals like, say, VR headsets or support for a common class of devices between the two platforms (other than USB supported peripherals). Teaming up together and taking advantage of economies of scale across the entire console market might allow for some interesting projects that wouldn be economical otherwise..

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