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Studio Frisson / a niche in legendary sound

Looking for THAT sound? With Studio Frisson you've got it. Engineers come for Frisson's outstanding vintage gear lineup. Musicians come for the refreshingly personal vibe. Producers come to Frisson because they know the combination of the two is perfect. Oh, and if you're not into recording onto tape, have no fear, we run Pro Tools as well :)
A view of Studio Frisson's control room...A view of Studio Frisson's control room...Studio Frisson's large tracking room at...A perspective from the tracking room...A funky black and white photo of our...
Control View

Control Room /

The centerpiece of our control room is a 54-fader Neve console loaded with original 1073 preamps. The room also carries a host of vintage outboard gear and is comfortably large. For tons of pics and gear list check out our Gear Gallery, you won't be disappointed.
Tracking Room

Tracking Room /

Our live room features warm acoustics and an overall intimate environment with clear line of sight into the control room and the isolation booth. Inside is our Yamaha C7 grand piano and our 1974 Hammond B3 organ / Leslie 122. See all our instruments in our Gear Gallery.
Studio VR Tour
Studio VR Tour
Studio VR Tour

Service With A Style /

Service at Frisson is very personal. We do not have secretaries and managers and coffee boys (but there are cool authentic shops near our Outremont location).

We do have Don Murnaghan, our in-house engineer and studio-superhero. Many artists request to work directly with Don (such as Jean LeClerc for his most recent album Mexico). Of course you’re welcome to bring in your own engineer in which case we will provide assistance.

Studio Frisson

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Studio Frisson in an independantly operated studio.
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