Wanted to get up 10 (in the third quarter) to take their (Cadets) confidence away. And we were fortunate to do that. Frye, which fell to 4 3 overall, was led by Tyler Bradford 11 points, seven in the final period. You might know OpenAI from its work on GPT 2, the fake news bot that the company initially deemed too dangerous to release. OpenAI used a technique called self supervised learning to create GPT 2, and it will be able to do more of that with the new supercomputer. In self supervised learning (sometimes called unsupervised learning), computers create models by assimilating large amounts of unlabeled data, and humans can make adjustments to the model to nudge it in the right direction.

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The San Diego Padres’ president of business operations, Erik Greupner, said Wednesday that in the two weeks since signing Manny Machado, the team sold at least double the amount of tickets it would typically expect to sell, generating $3 million in additional ticket revenue. “It’s a tremendous opportunity. Our plan is certainly, through winning, to build an even deeper connection to the San Diego fan base and really give them an opportunity to celebrate a winner, which is something that the city hasn’t had for some time.”.

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