In more recent years, school administrators and teachers have seen a great push to engage young minds with focused instruction in STEM curriculum. This involves instruction in four key disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Instead of isolating each area, an innovative approach looks to show the interrelationships between these four areas and the practical applications of each into real world settings.

There will be a single singer, soprano Rosa Feola.The festival, founded 30 years ago by Muti’s wife, Cristina Mazzavillani Muti, will present 40 performances, with the full program to be announced shortly. While the audience is limited, de Rosa said the performances would also be streamed to a global audience.”We have the confirmation in these months of the great importance of culture and performance. We listened to music, we read books and we watched many musical performances on television,” de Rosa told the AP.

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NEW YORK CITY, NY A change of plea hearing is scheduled in Brooklyn for Hector Trujillo, a judge from Guatemala and former official in the country’s soccer federation who faces corruption charges in the wide ranging scandal surrounding FIFA, soccer’s world governing body. Trujillo previously pleaded not guilty to the charges. (SOCCER FIFA/COURT (PIX, TV), by Brendan Pierson).

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