IRCTC caterers run around peddling leftovers at heavy discounts, hoping people will prioritize a good deal over a disease threat.Passengers from 10 compartments crowd around that solitary working plug point. They fight over every tiny bit of charge the point has to offer for their dying phones.All this while, the heavy duty Karbonn and Gionee guys smirk at them while playing a song from Aaashiqui (Nazar Ke Saamne) or Dilwale (Jeeta Tha Jiske Liye) on full volume.Kids finally sleep as the initial excitement of a train ride gave way to crankiness at the lack of space and hygiene, which gave way to boredom and tiredness.Brothers by berth sit and bitch about the destination city. The native abuses the local MLA, the visitor abuses the natives’ sense of hygiene.Young mothers exchange notes on diaper brands, stretch marks, baby tantrums.People doing up down over short distances climb into the reserved class and scoot into tiny nook and crannies you didn’t know your legs hadn’t covered on your berth, no questions asked.Old couples pack early, get all set to get off way before time and then the husband looks keenly out the window at the stations passing by, stating the exact remaining time on the basis of his wide experience, while the wife looks on with indifference at her husband’s attempt to sound cool.People around the old man argue vociferously over whether the destination is 95 mins away or 94 mins, accounting for known stoppages, accompanying important trains, etc.The over excited teenager who got off at every station to bring something tasty for the family is now lost in his phone, listening to music and praying the GPRS comes back soon enough.

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