So in review: Write down your reasons for weightloss and look at them every day. Even bring them with you wherever you go. Put a skinny picture of you with those reasons. “I’ll always paint Bettie Page,” De Berardinis said Thursday night. “But truth be told, it took me years to understand what I was looking at in the old photographs of her. Now I get it.

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The White House has already developed ” Guidelines for Opening Up America Again,” which notably include recommendations like wearing face coverings in public and the use of social distancing and protective equipment at businesses. Everyone has a responsibility, regardless of government requirements, to try to be part of a safe reopening to help prevent a resurgence of the virus, and to help prevent the need for an “Opening Up America Again, Again” plan. Going through this once has been hard enough..

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Politzer, like other fans interviewed for this story, recognizes and supports why sports have stopped. He has not discussed his longing for sports with friends because he worries it will sound callous and stupid. A certain level of privilege is a prerequisite for feeling sports withdrawal.

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