Indefinite detention or family separation? US forced immigrants to choose, lawyers sayUS officials gave dozens of detained immigrant parents an ultimatum allow your children to be released from detention without you or face indefinite detention together, according to legal representatives from the country three family detention centers. In one chaotic day on Thursday, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) instituted what legal representatives for detained families called an “indefinite detention or family separation” policy. The HOA official, who said his name was David Stewart, told Miller that he had called police on him after Miller refused to disclose customer information.

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But as the Blazers accumulated victories, they gained even more notoriety for off the court transgressions, which featured a bevy of arrests, practice fights and run ins with fans. Suddenly, the Trail Blazers were dubbed the “Jail Blazers” and had become a national punchline. Despite the off the court drama, the Blazers thrived.

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