Well, let me answer the second part of that first. We focused on elementary schools for these recommendations. A lot of people remember Project Schoolhouse in 2011. This evening, she is speaking from the isolation of her flat in Gurugram Sector 93. It a house Ms Virk bought with her own savings she moved into it in November last year. She has been in the city for a whole decade, but until then she would be living in PG accommodations hosts were nice enough, but tended to count the number of rotis one would be having for dinner..

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James Schneider, a pediatric critical care doctor at Northwell Health, emphasized that this illness is not something that can be treated at home. Patients with the syndrome have needed blood pressure medications, steroids, anticoagulants, immunoglobulin and sometimes ventilators to get better. A few have gone into cardiac arrest, and had to be revived through CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation..

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