“The attack on Sept. Strike, Trump for the second time in recent months pulled back from a major military action against Iran that many Pentagon and other advisers fear could trigger a new Middle East war. In June, after Iran shot down an American surveillance drone, Trump initially endorsed a retaliatory military strike then abruptly called it off because he said it would have killed dozens of Iranians..

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I say the first thing we need to do to close the gap between private and public schools is look at the different expectations in the two sectors. In a private school students are expected to wear a school uniform with pride and conduct themselves respectfully when in public places. Why can’t we have the same expectations of our children attending public schools? Why are they allowed to look dishevelled? Why don’t the teachers insist on a minimum standard of grooming? Also, why isn’t there a rule that hair colouring must be natural and unobtrusive? Are they ever asked to consider whether there money is being well spent on consumerism at such a young age?.

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