See here.Read MoreRosie Cafe The Viking Centre, Viking Precinct, Jarrow, NE32 3LNThe cafe, which says it is delighted at the support it is receiving at such a difficult time, is running a skeleton staff so the sooner you pre order a Sunday lunch for delivery the better.Pork and chicken dinners cost 4.99 and beef or lamb are 5.99. There a mixed option available for 7.50 or an extra large portion for 9.Other picks include mince and dumplings which costs 5.99 as do the Yorkshire wraps. For more see here..

Halloween should be a fun time for all involved. But, unfortunately it can also be a dangerous and deadly time due to impaired driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Halloween is a particularly deadly night due to drunk drivers.

As for allowing players to return other than those undergoing rehab who currently are allowed at team complexes, Goodell added: are also continuing to work with the NFLPA on developing protocols that will allow at least some players to return to your facilities on a limited basis prior to the conclusion of the offseason program. Owners tabled a proposal that would have offered a fourth and 15 play as an alternative to the onside kick. They approved testing expanded use of video replay in the preseason to aid in officiating..

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