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Cheap Jerseys china The win started a period of Mount Isa dominance with nine shields in the next 20 years (1969, 1972, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1985 and 1988). The full 1969 team was: Bruce Phillips (wing), Bruno Cullen (fullback), Mick Bakhash (wing), Gavin Shepherd (centre), George Herwig (centre), Bob Wilson (five eighth, captain), Ken Mucken (halfback), Mel Brosnan (lock), Bill Bawden (second row), Bryan Woodcock (second row), Terry Hammond (front row), Les Smith (hooker), Tom Tassell (front row), Kev Weinert (reserve), Tiger Slater (reserve), Stan Suchowiecki (reserve), Col Wilson (reserve), Kev Duke (reserve). According to the North West Star of July 22, 2010 the group met again in Brisbane for a 40 year reunion and only two players did not attend.”There is one player we cannot find, his name is Bruce Phillips, he was a winger for Mount Isa in 69 and he worked in one of the bank,” he said.”If anyone knows of his whereabouts, it would be lovely to find him.”Two others have passed away: Tom Tassell who died last month, and George Herwig who died a few years ago, and their wives will attend in their honour.Saturday September 21 is the exact 50 year anniversary of Mount Isa’s famous first win and the event will be for ex Foley Shield players only who represented Mount Isa between 1966 and 1993.”Those players played in the full time competition, around 200 to 300 players,” Mr Moran said.”The players are going to come and we’ll have a day together, we’ll have photographs of all the winning teams.”Mr Moran said it was not possible to have the event in Mount Isa.”It’s expensive to get to and most players live on the coast now,” he said.”They are coming from all over.”Mr Moran said the Foley Shield was still close to his heart.”I was broadcasting all those years and that first win in 1969 meant so much for Mount Isa,” he said. Cheap Jerseys china

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